Most-Read Articles in Analysis during October 2014

Analysis has very kindly posted its most-read articles during October 2014.  “Most-read rankings are recalculated at the beginning of the month and are based on full-text and pdf views.”  I think this is really wonderful information to have since it gives us an idea of what people are reading.

This may be neither here nor there, but I wanted to take note of how many of the top 50 articles that are most read in the last month are by women.

Here’s what I found:

Out of 50 articles, 9 are by women (=18%)

Jennifer Saul (article)

E.G.N Borg (article)

Penelope Mackie (article)

Stephanie Rennick (article)

Carolyn Dicey Jennings* (article)

Laura Schroeter (Book Symposium)

Sarah Richmond (article)

Jessica Wilson (article)

Rani Lil Anjum* (article)

It would be interesting to see how these numbers compare to the total number of articles in Analysis (so far) that are authored by women.  Unfortunately, I don’t have these numbers.

Perhaps if we want women’s work to be noticed and cited more often we need to find ways of increasing the amount of most-read articles that are authored by women.

* is a co-author.

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