The Philosopher’s Annual 2014 (Best Papers of 2013)

Last year,  I was very critical of the Philosopher’s Annual (see here), noting that there hadn’t been any articles in the area of (mainstream) political philosophy for over a decade.  I am very happy to see that this has changed.  The pieces by Ypi and Neuhouser were among my own favourites.

The following pieces were selected from the literature of 2013:

Robert Merrihew Adams, “Malebranche’s Causal Concepts,” from The Divine Order, the Human Order, and the Order of Nature: Historical Perspectives, ed. Eric Watkins. Oxford University Press.

Andrew Bacon, “Quantificational Logic and Empty Names,” from Philosophers’ Imprint.

JC Beall, “Free of Detachment: Logic, Rationality, and Gluts,” from Noûs.

Michael Caie, “Rational Probabilistic Incoherence,” from the Philosophical Review.

Kit Fine, “Truth-Maker Semantics for Intuitionistic Logic,” from the Journal of Philosophical Logic.

Matthew Kotzen, “Multiple Studies and Evidential Defeat,” from Noûs.

Marc Lange, “What Makes a Scientific Explanation Distinctively Mathematical?” from the British Journal for the Philosophy of Science.

Frederick Neuhouser, “Rousseau’s Critique of Economic Inequality,” from Philosophy and Public Affairs.

Ian Phillips, “Afterimages and Sensation,” from Philosophy and Phenomenological Research.

Lea Ypi, “What’s Wrong with Colonialism,” from Philosophy and Public Affairs.

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